Crane Data published its latest Weekly Money Fund Portfolio Holdings statistics and summary Tuesday. Our weekly holdings track a shifting subset of our monthly Portfolio Holdings collection, and the latest cut (with data as of August 2) includes Holdings information from 76 money funds (up from 67 last week), representing $1.611 trillion (up from $1.328 trillion a week ago) of the $3.402 trillion (47.4%) in total money fund assets tracked by Crane Data. Our latest Weekly MFPH Composition summary again shows Government assets dominating the holdings list with Repurchase Agreements (Repo) totaling $690.8 billion (up from $551.6 billion a week ago), or 42.9%, Treasury debt totaling $476.0 billion (up from $393.0 billion) or 29.5%, and Government Agency securities totaling $267.9 billion (up from $224.2 billion), or 16.6%. Commercial Paper (CP) totaled $62.2 billion (up from $59.0 billion), or 3.9%, and Certificates of Deposit (CDs) totaled $57.4 billion (up from $55.3 billion), or 3.6%. A total of $29.2 billion or 1.8%, was listed in the Other category (primarily Time Deposits), and VRDNs accounted for $27.6 billion, or 1.7%. The Ten Largest Issuers in our Weekly Holdings product include: the US Treasury with $476.0 billion (29.5% of total holdings), Federal Home Loan Bank with $185.5B (11.5%), Fixed Income Clearing Co with $129.4B (8.0%), BNP Paribas with $72.9 billion (4.5%), Federal Farm Credit Bank with $49.4B (3.1%), RBC with $47.2B (2.9%), Wells Fargo with $35.1B (2.2%), JP Morgan with $34.7B (2.2%), Credit Agricole with $34.3B (2.1%) and Societe Generale with $30.6B (1.9%). The Ten Largest Funds tracked in our latest Weekly include: JP Morgan US Govt ($140.8B), Fidelity Inv MM: Govt Port ($122.6B), BlackRock Lq FedFund ($103.4B), Goldman Sachs FS Govt ($101.1B), Wells Fargo Govt MMkt ($83.8B), BlackRock Lq T-Fund ($74.2B), JP Morgan 100% US Trs MMkt ($60.4B), Morgan Stanley Inst Liq Govt ($59.7B), Goldman Sachs FS Trs Instruments ($56.2B) and Dreyfus Govt Cash Mgmt ($55.1B). (Let us know if you'd like to see our latest domestic U.S. and/or "offshore" Weekly Portfolio Holdings collection and summary, or our Bond Fund Portfolio Holdings data series.)

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