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Crane Data Product Updates & Corrections

Latest Updates: The March 2019 issue of Money Fund Intelligence along with our Feb. 28, 2019 performance data was released on Thursday, March 7, and our Money Fund Wisdom has been updated with 2/28/19 data. Our March (2/28/19 data) Money Fund Portfolio Holdings were released on Monday, 3/11/19, and our Money Fund Portfolio Laboratory was also updated then. (The Form N-MFP "beta" files were uploaded on Friday, 3/8.) A revised edition of our March 2018 MFI XLS spreadsheet, with updated Feb. 28 Portfolio Composition and Maturity breakout numbers, was uploaded to our Content center on 3/8. Our March Bond Fund Intelligence was released on Thursday, March 14 and our March Bond Fund Portfolio Holdings will be published on Thursday, March 21. Corrections and Revisions: Our craneindexes.xlsx file had an incorrect YTD change formula, the version on the website has now been corrected. We also had an incorrect asset number for Invesco Tax Free (TFOXX), which has been corrected.

Money Fund Intelligence Archives
03/01/2019 (14/3) Contents
02/01/2019 (14/2) Contents
01/01/2019 (14/1) Contents
12/01/2018 (13/12) Contents
Money Fund Intelligence XLS Archives
03/01/2019 (14/3) CSV
02/01/2019 (14/2) CSV
01/01/2019 (14/1) CSV
12/01/2018 (13/12) CSV
MFI XLS Indexes, Averages & History  
Money Fund Portfolio Holdings Archives
03/01/2019 (9/3) CSV
02/01/2019 (9/2) CSV
01/01/2019 (9/1) CSV
12/01/2018 (8/12) CSV
MFI Daily Data Archives
03/19/2019 (12/53) CSV
03/18/2019 (12/52) CSV
03/15/2019 (12/51) CSV
03/14/2019 (12/50) CSV
Crane Index Archives
03/01/2019 (13/3) Contents
02/01/2019 (13/2) Contents
01/01/2019 (13/1) Contents
12/01/2018 (12/12) Contents
Bond Fund Intelligence Archives
03/14/2019 (4/15) Contents
02/14/2019 (4/14) Contents
01/15/2019 (4/13) Contents
12/14/2018 (4/12) Contents
Bond Fund Intelligence XLS Archives
03/14/2019 (4/15) CSV
02/14/2019 (4/14) CSV
01/15/2019 (4/13) CSV
12/14/2018 (4/12) CSV
BFI XLS Indexes, Averages & History  
Bond Fund Portfolio Holdings Archives
02/26/2019 (3/2) CSV
01/25/2019 (3/1) CSV
12/21/2018 (2/12) CSV
11/26/2018 (2/11) CSV

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The following list contains materials from recent Crane Data conferences. They are available for download by attendees and Crane subscribers. If you have problems, please contact us at

Money Fund University 2019
Crane's Money Fund University 2019 Downloads
Money Fund Symposium 2018
Crane's Money Fund Symposium 2018 Downloads
Bond Fund Symposium 2018
Crane's Bond Fund Symposium 2018 Downloads
Money Fund University 2018
Crane's Money Fund University 2018 Downloads
Money Fund Symposium 2017
Crane's Money Fund Symposium 2017 Downloads
Bond Fund Symposium 2017
Crane's Bond Fund Symposium 2017 Downloads
Money Fund University 2017
Crane's Money Fund University 2017 Downloads
Money Fund Symposium 2016
Crane's Money Fund Symposium 2016 Downloads
Money Fund University 2016
Crane's Money Fund University 2016 Downloads
Money Fund Symposium 2015
Crane's Money Fund Symposium 2015 Downloads
Money Fund University 2015
Crane's Money Fund University 2015 Downloads

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