Daily Links Archives: November, 2006

"Certificates of Deposit for these times" on MarketWatch.com says lock in long-term CDs in case of rate declines. We still say stay liquid and believe lower rate predictions are premature.

Fidelity Investments continues to run banner ads touting its money market funds on wsj.com, Bloomberg.com, and other websites.

European corporate treasury site Treasury Management International (TMI) hosts a money fund directory.

USA Today and Ithaca Journal article "Crystal ball says to lock in savings rates" says it may be time to move to CDs, but don't believe them. Stay liquid!

Bond Buyer Says "Justice, SEC Probe Muni Derivatives". Investigations into collusion in the municipal bond markets continue.

NASDAQ's website features a convenient "Symbol Lookup" function. Enter a fund's name to find its ticker symbol (money funds end in 'XX').

Fidelity International launches Fidelity Cash Fund in India. Opens Nov. 20 and is rated MfA1+ from ICRA.

Reuters' "FSA says served subpoena in muni bid-rigging probe" discusses potential collusion in the municipal bond GIC market.

Wikipedia's definition of money fund. The free encyclopedia also explains retail vs. institutional funds, and gives some history.

Bloomberg article "Cash Lures Bear, JP Morgan as Rates Rise Amidst Stocks Rally" says strategists and funds are holding higher levels of money market investments.

The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) launched its new website last week at www.sifma.org. The new trade group is the result of a merger between the Bond Market Association (BMA) and Securities Industry Association (SIA).

Money fund assets keep going, and going, up This week's ICI statistics show a gain of $7.6 billion; YTD money fund assets are up $216 billion, or 10.5%.

The Autumn issue of "In the Vanguard" features "Mulling a money market fund? Yield isn't the whole story", and warns investors about yield volatility.

The Street.com's "Shop Around for Money Market Funds" is alas woefully uneducated on the subject. The article erroneously lists taxable funds as tax-free, and include stable value funds as money funds.

Bankrate.com has a brief answering the question "Taxable vs. Tax-Free Money Funds". Our advice: do tax-free if you're in the highest bracket.

Fitch Ratings released new Criteria for Asset-Backed Extendible Notes in Rated Money Funds. The ratings agency says extendibles are liquid and should be booked to expected maturity.

Click for Bloomberg story on Special Meeting Regarding Manipulation of $5.7 Trillion Repo Market.

NYSE's "Informed Investor" Questions About Brokerage Sweep Accounts This publication lists questions investors should ask regarding cash "sweep" options in their brokerage accounts.

Prudent Bear's "Credit Bubble Bulletin" by Doug Noland While we're not raging bears, we are big fans of money statistics ... and this guy's columns are loaded.

WSJ's "Why Custody Banks Have a Global Glow" Discusses Securities Lending and why the largest custody banks are doing well servicing asset managers and hedge funds.

Money fund assets grew by $11.4 billion in the last week says ICI. With this jump, assets are now up by over $200 billion, or 10%, year-to-date.

The Deposity Trust Company (DTC) provides back-end processing and clearing of money market securities and is a member of the Federal Reserve System.

The Commercial Paper Issuers Working Group (www.cpiwg.org) is an organization representing 27 of the largest commercial paper (CP) issuers.

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