Highest-Yielding Money Market Funds ranked by 7-Day yield ( as of March 23, 2017 )
Institutional Money Funds 7-Day Yield%
Morgan Stanley Inst Liq MMP Inst (MPUXX) 1.01
JPMorgan Prime MM Capital (CJPXX) 0.99
Fidelity Inv MM: Prime MMP Inst (FIPXX) 0.98
UBS Select Prime Money Mkt Pref (SPPXX) 0.98
BlackRock Lq TempFund In (TMPXX) 0.97
Retail Money Funds 7-Day Yield%
Fidelity Inv MM: MM Port Inst (FNSXX) 1.03
JPMorgan Liquid Assets Capit (CJLXX) 0.98
BlackRock Money Market Port Inst (PNIXX) 0.97
Federated Prime Cash Oblig WS (PCOXX) 0.92
Vanguard Prime MMF Adm (VMRXX) 0.88
Tax Exempt Money Funds 7-Day Yield%
Northern Trust Municipal MMkt (NOMXX) 0.69
Federated Municipal Obligs WS (MOFXX) 0.67
Wells Fargo Muni Cash Mg MM Prem (EMMXX) 0.59
Federated Tax-Free Obligs WS (TBIXX) 0.59
Vanguard Municipal MMF (VMSXX) 0.59

Money Market News

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This month, Bond Fund Intelligence speaks with Morten Olsen, Director of Ultra-Short Fixed Income at Northern Trust Asset Management. Olsen oversees Northern's ultra-short bond fund lineup, including the $2.1 billion Northern Ultra Short Fixed-Income (NUSFX) and the $3.5 billion Northern Tax-Advantaged Ultra-Short Fixed-Income (NTAUX). We discuss fund strategies, rates, risks and the future of ultra-short bond funds below. Olsen expects a very busy 2017 for the sector. (Note: This "profile" is reprinted from the March issue of BFI. Contact us if you'd like to see the full issue.) Also, thank you to those who attended our inaugural Bond Fund Symposium in Boston, which attracted over 150 participants!

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Inside Money Fund Intelligence

MFI PDF March 2017 Issue

Largest Money Fund Managers

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The March 2017 issue of Money Fund Intelligence features: "Green Shoots: MMFs' Future Brightens on Fed, Prime Flows," which reviews the benefits of rising rates and a return to Prime on MMFs; "New King of Cash: Interview with Fidelity's Tim Huyck," which "profiles" the Chief Investor Officer for Money Markets at Fidelity Investments; and, "In Memoriam: Money Fund Guru Bill Donoghue," which reprints Crane Data's article on Bill Donoghue.

Each monthly issue of Money Fund Intelligence features news, performance information and rankings on money market mutual funds. Statistics include: assets, weighted average maturity, weighted average life, expense ratio, 7-day yield, 30-day yield, 1-year, 3-yr, 5-yr, 10-yr, and since inception return, as well as 7- and 30-day gross yields. MFI also contains tables of the top-yielding and the largest money funds, and our benchmark Crane Money Fund Indexes.

Subscriptions are $500 a year, and include online access to archived issues and additional features. Bulk discounts and site licenses are available. Write info@cranedata.com or call 1-508-439-4419 to subscribe or to request more information.

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The table below is excerpted from our monthly spreadsheet product, Money Fund Intelligence XLS. It shows the largest money market mutual fund managers as of Feb. 28, 2017. (MFI XLS contains percentile rankings, fund family rankings, "shadow" NAVs, portfolio composition, and more).

Excerpt from MFI XLS

About Crane Data LLC

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Crane Data is a money market and mutual fund information company founded by Peter G. Crane and Shaun Cutts. We collect money market mutual fund, bank savings, and cash investment performance, statistics, and information and distribute rankings, news, and indexes.

Crane Data publishes Money Fund Intelligence, Money Fund Intelligence XLS, Money Fund Wisdom, the Crane Money Fund Indexes, and a series of products tracking money markets, mutual funds and cash investments. We also produce conferences, including Crane's Money Fund Symposium. For more information and samples, e-mail info@cranedata.com or call us at 1-508-439-4419.


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Mar 12
Friedman Joins Public Trust Advisors

Joel Friedman joined Public Trust Advisors as a senior member of their Investment Advisory Team. Friedman was previously with Standard & Poor's Global Ratings.

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Feb 19
In Memoriam: Bill Donoghue

Our Feb. 13 News, entitled, "In Memoriam: Money Fund Guru Bill Donoghue; Popularized MMFs in '‚Äč80s," explains, "Crane Data was saddened to learn recently that the original money fund "guru," Bill Donoghue, passed away last month. Donoghue's Obituary explains, "William E. Donoghue, 75, of Seattle, Washington ... was a respected author and investment expert best known for the growth of money market mutual funds."

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Feb 13
Wells Seeks West Coast Sales

Wells Fargo Asset Management is seeking a wholesaler based in San Francisco to cover internal and external distribution partners. Contact Brad Marcus or click here for more details.

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Crane Data News & Features

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Bond Fund Symposium

Mark your calendars for Crane Data's inaugural Bond Fund Symposium, which is scheduled for March 23-24, 2017, at the Boston Hyatt Regency. We plan on bringing bond fund managers, professionals, investors, dealers, issuers and servicers together for 2 days of intensive discussions of all things bond fund, with a focus on the ultra-short segment. (Contact Pete if you're interested in speaking or sponsoring.) Crane Data began publishing its Bond Fund Intelligence and tracking the bond mutual fund marketplace in 2015, and we continue to expand our readership, coverage and product lineup. Let us know if you'd like to see the latest issue or to learn more. Visit our Content Center to access the latest BFI and BFI XLS issues and archives.

Money Fund Symposium

The agenda is now available and the website is live for our big show, Crane's Money Fund Symposium, which will be held June 21-23, 2017, in Atlanta, Ga. For details and to register visit www.moneyfundsymposium.com. Also, mark your calendars for our next European Money Fund Symposium, which will be held Sept. 25-26, 2017 in Paris (visit www.euromfs.com for more info). Finally, thanks to those who attended our Money Fund University recently in Jersey City! Our next "basis training" money fund event is tentatively scheduled for Jan. 18-19, 2018 in Boston.