Highest-Yielding Money Market Funds ranked by 7-Day yield ( as of Feb. 21, 2019 )
Institutional Money Funds 7-Day Yield%
DWS ESG Liquidity Fund Cap (ESIXX) 2.64
Goldman Sachs FS Prm Ob Inst (FPOXX) 2.60
Dreyfus Cash Mgmt Institutional (DICXX) 2.57
Morgan Stanley Inst Liq MMP Inst (MPUXX) 2.57
Wells Fargo Heritage Sel (WFJXX) 2.54
Retail Money Funds 7-Day Yield%
Fidelity Inv MM: MM Port Inst (FNSXX) 2.54
Vanguard Prime MMF Adm (VMRXX) 2.52
JPMorgan Liquid Assets Capit (CJLXX) 2.52
Goldman Sachs Investor MM Inst (FMJXX) 2.52
Federated Prime Cash Oblig WS (PCOXX) 2.49
Tax Exempt Money Funds 7-Day Yield%
Federated Municipal Obligs WS (MOFXX) 1.52
Wells Fargo Muni Cash Mg MM Inst (EMMXX) 1.52
Invesco Premier Tax-Exempt Instit (PEIXX) 1.50
Vanguard Municipal MMF (VMSXX) 1.50
Fidelity Inv MM: Tax Exempt I (FTCXX) 1.48

Money Market News

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ICI's latest "Money Market Fund Assets" report shows that assets declined after rising for 14 of the previous 16 weeks, though Prime assets continued to increase. ICI's weekly series shows Retail MMFs added $6.0 billion, while Institutional MMFs had outflows of about $13.9 billion. Total Government MMF assets, including Treasury funds, stood at $2.311 trillion (75.2% of all money funds), while Total Prime MMFs reached $622.1 billion (20.2%). Tax Exempt MMFs totaled $138.8 billion, or 4.5%. We review the latest weekly assets below, and we also excerpt from Fidelity Investments' 2018 Shareholder Update, below.

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Inside Money Fund Intelligence

MFI PDF January 2019 Issue

Largest Money Fund Managers

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The February 2019 issue of Money Fund Intelligence features: "Green Money Funds Become a Thing, But Big Issues Remain," which looks at BlackRock's pending LEAF launch and issues involving ESG money funds; "Schwab's Marie Chandoha Reflects; Preserving Retail," a featuring the CEO of Charles Schwab Investment Management; and, "MF University '19 Highlights Asset Recovery, Rising Rates," which reviews our recent "basic training" event in Stamford.

Each monthly issue of Money Fund Intelligence features news, performance information and rankings on money market mutual funds. Statistics include: assets, weighted average maturity, weighted average life, expense ratio, 7-day yield, 30-day yield, 1-year, 3-yr, 5-yr, 10-yr, and since inception return, as well as 7- and 30-day gross yields. MFI also contains tables of the top-yielding and the largest money funds, and our benchmark Crane Money Fund Indexes.

Subscriptions are $500 a year, and include online access to archived issues and additional features. Bulk discounts and site licenses are available. Write info@cranedata.com or call 1-508-439-4419 to subscribe or to request more information.

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The table below is excerpted from our monthly spreadsheet product, Money Fund Intelligence XLS. It shows the largest money market mutual fund managers as of Jan. 31, 2019. (MFI XLS contains percentile rankings, fund family rankings, MNAVs, WLA, portfolio composition, and more).

Excerpt from MFI XLS

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Crane Data is a money market and mutual fund information company founded by Peter G. Crane and Shaun Cutts. We collect money market mutual fund, bank savings, and cash investment performance, statistics, and information and distribute rankings, news, and indexes.

Crane Data publishes Money Fund Intelligence, Money Fund Intelligence XLS, Money Fund Wisdom, the Crane Money Fund Indexes, and a series of products tracking money markets, mutual funds and cash investments. We also produce conferences, including Crane's Money Fund Symposium. For more information and samples, e-mail info@cranedata.com or call us at 1-508-439-4419.


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Feb 04
Sakowski to PGIM; Desimone to Pru

John Sakowski has moved from Prudential Financial to PGIM, where he is now Vice President and Money Markets Portfolio Manager, and Chelsea Desimone has joined Prudential Financial as a Senior Investment Associate, Capital Markets.

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Jan 24
Paul No Longer at Williams Capital

Senior Portfolio Manager Jeff Paul is no longer with Williams Capital.

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Jan 22
Tully Retires from NY Fed

John Tully is retiring from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He was a Senior Credit Analyst.

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Crane's Bond Fund Symposium

We hope you'll join us for our upcoming Bond Fund Symposium, which will be held March 25-26, 2019 in Philadelphia. Bond Fund Symposium brings together players in the ultra-short bond fund and enhanced cash space to discuss industry issues. Also, mark your calendars for our next big show, Money Fund Symposium, which will take place June 24-25, 2019, in Boston, and our next European Money Fund Symposium, which will be held Sept. 23-24, 2019, in Dublin. (Watch for details in coming weeks.) Finally, thanks to those who attended our recent Money Fund University in Stamford. The recordings and Powerpoints are now available at the bottom of our "Content" page or our MFU Download page. We hope to see you at one of our events in Philly, Boston or Dublin later this year!

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MFI Daily tracks money market mutual fund dividends, yields, assets, WAMs, WALs, MNAVs, DLA and WLA (weekly liquid assets) on a daily basis. We include our daily News and Link of the Day updates, as well as our suite of Crane Indexes, averages, and totals in an 8:00 a.m. e-mail. We also show daily and weekly asset changes, and give recipients the ability to rank funds by the highest yield. Subscriptions to MFI Daily are $2K a year and include our Money Fund Intelligence newsletter and monthly MFI XLS spreadsheet. Contact us to see the latest file!