Bloomberg writes "JPMorgan, Goldman Shut Europe Money Funds After ECB Cut". The article says, "JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and BlackRock Inc. (BLK) closed European money market funds to new investments after the European Central Bank lowered deposit rates to zero. JPMorgan, the world's biggest provider of money-market funds, won't accept new cash in five euro-denominated money-market and liquidity funds because the rate cut may result in losses for investors, the company said in a notice to shareholders. Goldman Sachs won't accept new money in its GS Euro Government Liquid Reserves Fund, and BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, is restricting deposits in two European funds.... The ECB yesterday reduced its benchmark rate to a record low of 0.75 percent and took its deposit rate to zero. Money funds have been struggling to invest client assets at a profit as interest rates globally are near record lows and Europe's sovereign debt crisis has reduced the supply of available debt. Managers have been forced to cut fees to keep customer returns above zero, and some have abandoned the business. All three firms said the restrictions are temporary and they will monitor market conditions. Investor redemptions from the funds are not being limited." The JPM funds involved include: JPMorgan Euro Liquidity Fund, Euro Government Liquidity Fund, Euro Money Market Fund, and Euro Liquid Market Fund. The Bloomberg piece adds, "[JPMorgan] had $417 billion in money fund assets as of May 31, making it the world leader, according to Crane Data LLC, a research firm based in Westborough, Massachusetts. The entire euro-denominated money fund industry has about 108 billion euros, Crane Data's statistics show."

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