A press release Monday entitled, "BNY Mellon Adds Automated Notification Enhancements to Margin DIRECT Liquidity Management Product," says, "BNY Mellon, the global leader in investment management and investment services, today announced a series of technological enhancements to the notification capabilities of its patent pending Margin DIRECT liquidity management product. Margin DIRECT combines BNY Mellon's custody and liquidity management capabilities for institutional investors looking for segregation of pledged collateral balances away from counterparties. The new enhancements enable Margin DIRECT users to provide counterparties with electronic notification of certain critical events such as notices of exclusive control and termination events. These electronic notifications provide a timely and cost-effective alternative to written notices." It quotes Jonathan Spirgel, "It's essential to anticipate client needs, and post Dodd-Frank, demand for segregation of collateral and margin services will continue to grow. Our patent pending Margin DIRECT product is an innovative technological solution that builds on our industry leading custodial and liquidity services and makes us uniquely qualified to meet these clients needs head on." The release adds, "BNY Mellon developed Margin DIRECT by combining two of its industry-leading services -- custody and its Liquidity DIRECT liquidity management portal -- into a single comprehensive solution. Margin DIRECT provides both safekeeping and liquidity management controls for posted margin balances away from an institutional investor's counterparties, with balances held in custody and directed via a user-friendly online portal for investment to an extensive array of client-selected liquidity investment products."

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