Crane Data's Peter Crane is scheduled to speak at the 30th Anniversary New York Cash Exchange, hosted by the Treasury Management Association of New York May 23-25 at the New York Hilton. Crane will present a session entitled, "Money Funds After the Makeover: Cash Investing Strategies," along with Barclays' Joseph Abate and Federated Investors' Debbie Cunningham. The session description says, "Money market mutual funds and cash investors continue to adjust to regulatory changes and market events and turmoil. Money fund expert Peter Crane will lead a panel with Barclays Capital's Joseph Abate and Federated Investors' Debbie Cunningham on the new Rule 2a-7 proposals and other money market changes, and how they have altered and will continue to alter the investment landscape. The session will also discuss what investors should be aware of in analyzing their money funds and cash investments and will review recent trends, regulations, and concerns in the money markets." Note also that all three presenters will be among those speaking at Crane's Money Fund Symposium, which will take place in Pittsburgh on June 20-22. Visit for more details.

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