This Wednesday afternoon, weather permitting, Crane Data's Peter Crane, BofA Global Capital Management's Paul Quistberg, and Fidelity Investments' Michael Widrig will speak at the next meeting of the Treasury Management of New England in Providence at Citizen's Financial. The description says, "Money fund expert Peter Crane will give a presentation entitled, 'Money Market Funds, Cash Investing, and Regulatory Change,' and will give an overview of recent developments in money market mutual funds. Crane will discuss money fund asset trends, pending regulatory changes, and a number of other issues impacting the $2.8 trillion money fund marketplace. This will be followed by a Q&A with Paul Quistberg, BofA Global Capital Management MD & Head of Cash Investments and Fidelity Investments Institutional Portfolio Manager, Michael Widrig. Both money market veterans will provide an 'Update on Current Conditions in the Money Markets' and will discuss their money market investing strategies. Panelists will talk about what they're buying how they're adjusting to new regulations and the ultra-low yield environment, and how they're positioning themselves for possible rising rates in the future." Crane will also be speaking at the TMANE's Annual Conference May 4 in Boston with a session entitled, "Money Market Mutual Fund Update: Regulations, Rates & Risks." Finally, as we mentioned Friday, both ICI and BlackRock will be hosting Webinars on Tuesday discussing the pending disclosure of "shadow" NAVs. (See Friday's News and Link of the Day, or click here for info on the ICI webinar, at noon, and click here for info on the AFP/BlackRock webinar, at 3:30pm.)

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