Kiplinger's writes "Are Money-Market Funds as Good as Cash?", which examines the types of money market investments, and the types of money funds in particular. It quotes us, "Peter Crane, who reads shareholder reports and prospectuses for a living, says trying to spot flaws in a money-fund portfolio is impossible. His analogy: You're flying in a 747 over the Atlantic when the ride gets unsteady. So you burst into the cockpit (try to forget 9/11) and study the instrumentation to see if the plane has a problem. Good luck."

Kiplinger's continues, "Yet Crane isn't totally blase. He figures that, in the past year, more than a dozen sponsors have had to inject their own capital into money-market funds to avoid writing down the value of the portfolios from $1 a share to 99 cents or less."

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