A news brief from the Nigerian website Vanguard Media Limited, entitled, "Norrenberger launches Money Market Fund, harps on wealth creation," tells us, "A leading financial services group, Norrenberger has launched a new product, the Money Market Fund as part of its commitment to deepen financial inclusion in the country. The Money Market Fund is a collective investment scheme, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, which invests in short-term money market instrument such as treasury bills, bankers' acceptance, commercial papers and other instruments introduced and approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN." Norrenberger's Tony Edeh comments, "The Fund provides significant value to investors as they enjoy competitive returns on their investment, professional expertise from our fund managers, and an online access to monitor and manage their investment which puts them in total control of their portfolio. These benefits have been designed for clients looking to grow their money with a low-risk investment option. Our team of highly qualified and experienced portfolio managers supported with in depth investment research continue to design investment opportunities through the development of strategic products to hedge against inflation and provide better returns despite the tough economic situation in the country. `We are extremely excited to present our Money Market Fund to the public as I strongly believe the launch of the fund comes at the right time following the excellent performance of our Islamic Fund." Abigail Utomi, Norrenberger's Head of Asset Management, adds, "The Norrenberger Money Market Fund will give investors the exposure to a diversified portfolio of money market instruments, while also providing capital preservation, competitive returns, liquidity, safety of funds and quarterly dividend payments."

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