A press release entitled, "GSAM Transforms Digital Liquidity Management with Launch of Mosaic," tells us, "Goldman Sachs Asset Management ('GSAM') today announced the launch of Mosaic, an investment platform provided through Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC ('GS'), which delivers digital products, expertise, and data & execution services to treasury and investment teams of all sizes. Mosaic provides money market and short duration fund investors access to the data, products, and services needed to optimize their liquidity, resulting in improved scale, increased transparency, and efficient workflows. Mosaic builds upon GS' legacy in open-architecture money market fund trade execution, including the GS Liquidity Solutions Portal, and is supported by the technology and expertise of Goldman Sachs." It continues, "Mosaic helps address clients' most pressing needs in managing and investing their cash. With more choices, complexities, and responsibilities facing liquidity investors, Mosaic's flexible design provides investment analytics, trading, settlement, and reporting capabilities that can be accessed through GS investment portals or connected to clients' existing infrastructure. Mosaic will be made available over the coming months to clients across financial services, corporates, and public institutions." Kathleen Hughes, Head of Liquidity Solutions Client Business at GSAM, comments, "We innovate based on our clients' priorities. Those needs increasingly include simple execution, seamless digital experiences and the ability to pick and choose offerings that can be integrated with existing infrastructure to achieve better operational efficiency and investment goals.... We designed Mosaic to serve clients' needs, whether that is an enhanced and integrated dashboard, back-end execution, or an end-to-end solution. Our continued investment is a reflection of our deep commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet our clients' evolving needs for investing cash." The release explains, "The platform encompasses multiple applications for trading, reporting, and risk analysis, including the GS Liquidity Solutions Portal and the Mosaic investment portal. White-labeled investment portal solutions are also available.... Mosaic's flexibility allows for connectivity with clients' treasury management systems, enterprise risk planning applications, and other enterprise or proprietary applications.... Mosaic data and execution services provide a flexible menu of investment analytics, execution, and reporting APIs and custom file integrations, allowing clients to have a holistic view of their liquidity portfolio.... An integration with Clearwater Analytics.... Platform integrations with the following treasury management system (TMS) partners, providing connectivity to GS execution services and consolidated reporting experiences unique to Mosaic: GTreasury.... ION Treasury.... [and] Direct security trading through connectivity to the brokerage applications of Tradeweb Markets." Christina Kopec, Global Head of Liquidity Solutions Product Strategy, adds, "Investing cash has always been an integral component of a well-functioning business, no matter our clients' industry.... We draw upon three decades of experience in liquidity asset management and on our firm's focus on risk and technology to help our clients meet the challenges of an increasingly complex market." We learned about Goldman's release from FundFire, which writes, "GSAM Targets Growing Inst'l Demand for Cash with New Platform." They quote our Peter Crane, "Years ago, we called them the transparency wars, where allowing tools to look through to underlying holdings of money funds became a competitive issue. Then various reporting and features to do reports and integrate these trading platforms with corporate treasury workstations became an issue. [Mosaic] seems to be a sort of catch all platform of technical enhancement. They're trying to make their investor base stickier and more reliant on Goldman Sachs, figuring that'll drive asset management revenue."

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