J.P. Morgan Asset Management has filed a Form N-1A Registration Statement to launch JPMorgan Securities Lending Money Market Fund. The preliminary prospectus filing says, "The Fund seeks current income while seeking to maintain liquidity and a low volatility of principal." No ticker or expense information is available yet for the fund's "Agency SL Share class." It will charge a 0.08% management fee and 0.15% in Other expenses, but will waive and reimburse 0.17% in fees for a net expense ratio of 0.06%. A waiver footnote says, "The Fund's adviser and/or its affiliates have contractually agreed to waive fees and/or reimburse expenses to the extent Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses of Agency SL Class Shares ... exceed 0.06% of their average daily net assets. This waiver is in effect through X/X/19, at which time the adviser and/or its affiliates will determine whether to renew or revise it." The filing also says, "Agency SL Class Shares of the Fund are currently not available for sale to any investors other than securities lending agents that invest securities lending cash collateral in Shares of the Fund." It adds, "The Fund is a money market fund managed in the following manner: The Fund calculates its net asset value to four decimals (e.g., $1.0000) using market-based pricing and operates with a floating net asset value. The dollar-weighted average maturity of the Fund will be 60 days or less and the dollar-weighted average life to maturity will be 120 days or less. The Fund will only buy securities that have remaining maturities of 397 days or less or securities otherwise permitted to be purchased because of maturity shortening provisions under applicable regulation. The Fund invests only in U.S. dollar-denominated securities. The Fund seeks to invest in securities that present minimal credit risk."

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