RBC Global Asset Management posted a video entitled, "Liquidity Management – Outlook 2017." Director of Product Management Nick Walstrom comments, "As we enter 2017, short-term investors need to be aware of multiple risk factors, most of which, haven't been contended with in almost a decade. In our latest video, Brandon Swensen, Co-Head of US Fixed Income and John C. Donohue, Head of Liquidity Management discuss the issues facing investors and provide ways to mitigate the risks." In the video, Donohue tells us, "At RBC, we are focusing on what we believe are the three largest issues facing capital preservation investors. The first, an uncertain Federal Reserve. The second, a new political environment, and the third, credit fundamentals." Donohue adds, "Short-term investors have moved on from money market reform that clouded 2016, and are now laser-focused on how to maximize return, maintain the highest degree of liquidity in the market while preserving capital. We continue to see clients migrate to customized separate accounts with an increased usage of government money market funds." Swensen comments, "Credit fundamentals have been a bright spot in the market for several years now, and we expect that to continue in 2017.... Credit spreads, however, are a bit on the tight side.... But we are expecting credit to remain a reliable source of excess income ... for investors throughout the year."

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