Morningstar's article, "Favorite Investments for Short-Term Retirement Assets" asks readers to share their strategies for holding cash in their retirement portfolios. Writes author Christine Benz, "A healthy contingent of posters said that risk control is the name of the game for their liquid reserves. Thus, they're sticking with actual cash instruments such as CDs and money market accounts. Chip1909 made the case for keeping bucket 1 safe, arguing that "placing Bucket 1 anywhere but in the maximum-security arms of a money fund would be foolhardy." DONQ agreed, writing that, "Short-term rates are so low that even the minimal risk is not worth the returns." The knock against cash is that yields are so low right now. But peace of mind is the main attraction for investors like revell10306: "I have no current concerns about these funds generating return; they exist to allow my real investments room to run or buffer in the event of a downturn." Most of the readers who said they were sticking with cash had taken steps to pick up a bit of extra yield. Online savings accounts received repeat mentions, as did CDs, including those offered by online-only banks."

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