In its First Quarter 2014 Quarterly Banking Profile, the FDIC says, "Deposit balances were up by $125.8 billion (1.1 percent) in the quarter, as deposits in foreign offices fell by $5.4 billion (0.4 percent) and domestic office deposits increased by $131.1 billion (1.3 percent). Much of the increase in domestic deposits consisted of balances in smaller-denomination accounts. Deposits in accounts of less than $250,000 rose by $85.9 billion (1.7 percent). Nondeposit liabilities increased by $25.4 billion (1.4 percent), as unsecured borrowings increased by $28.1 billion (13.9 percent), and securities sold under repo agreements rose by $22 billion (7.2 percent). Liabilities in trading accounts declined by $22 billion (9.1 percent)." The full report, which can be found at, also says, "Total estimated insured deposits increased by 1.9 percent from the prior quarter and by 2.1 percent from one year earlier. For institutions existing at the start and the end of the first quarter, insured deposits increased during the quarter at 4,932 institutions (73 percent), decreased at 1,760 institutions (26 percent), and remained unchanged at 35 institutions. Total deposits increased by 1.1 percent ($125.8 billion), domestic office deposits increased by 1.3 percent ($131.1 billion), and foreign office deposits decreased by 0.4 percent ($5.4 billion). Domestic noninterest-bearing deposits increased by 1.8 percent ($46.4 billion) and savings deposits and interest-bearing checking accounts increased by 1.9 percent ($105.6 billion), while domestic time deposits decreased by 1.3 percent ($20.8 billion). For the twelve months ending March 31, total domestic deposits grew by 5.3 percent ($495.5 billion), with interest-bearing deposits increasing by 4 percent ($279.1 billion) and noninterest-bearing deposits rising by 8.9 percent ($216.4 billion)."

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