Another release, entitled, "Cachematrix Introduces CacheOptimizer," says, "Cachematrix, the leading provider of money market fund, bank product trading and sweep technology for banks and financial institutions, announced today that it has launched CacheOptimizer, a model portfolio builder designed to help CFO's optimize their cash investing and mitigate risk. CacheOptimizer enables a bank's corporate customers to research funds with multi-layer filtering and to construct model portfolios. As a component of the Cachematrix portal research module, CacheOptimizer works alongside ATLAS, a feature previously launched by Cachematrix in May of 2012. ATLAS provides clients with a dashboard view of existing exposure levels via graphical representations. These data points include Country, Holding, Security Category, Issuer, and Portfolio Liquidity Distribution, which enables corporate customers to identify risk by these parameters. Building off of this feature, CacheOptimizer employs a hypothetical analysis by allowing customers to research potential funds via a multi-layered filtering of specific factors. CacheOptimizer's real-time portfolio modeling capabilities allow CFO's to construct portfolios and make decisions that meet their investment objectives, while mitigating risk.... CacheOptimizer's streamlined, visual approach in the research module makes creating hypothetical portfolios a quick endeavor. The result is a solution that makes thorough and multi-layered analysis easier for corporate customers."

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