JPMorgan Current Yield Money Market Fund - Capital Shares recently filed for launch. The new $50 million minimum fund will charge 0.18%. The fund's new prospectus says of "The Fund's Main Investment Strategy," "Under normal market conditions, the Fund invests in high quality, short-term money market instruments that are issued and payable in U.S. dollars. The Fund principally invests in: repurchase agreements, debt securities issued or guaranteed by qualified U.S. and foreign banks, including certificates of deposit, time deposits and other short-term securities, and securities issued or guaranteed by the U.S. government, its agencies or instrumentalities. Under normal market conditions, the Fund will maintain a maximum dollar-weighted average maturity of ten days or less." It also says, "The Fund is a money market fund managed in the following manner: The Fund seeks to maintain a net asset value of $1.00 per share. The Fund invests only in U.S. dollar-denominated securities. The Fund will only buy securities that present minimal credit risk. The Fund may invest more than 25% of its total assets in obligations issued by U.S. banks. The Fund's adviser seeks to develop an appropriate portfolio by considering the differences in yields among securities of different maturities, market sectors and issuers."

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