ICI's latest quarterly "Worldwide Mutual Fund Assets and Flows" says, "Mutual fund assets worldwide increased 2.3 percent to $22.88 trillion at the end of 2009.... Net outflows from money market funds also decelerated, with $206 billion of net outflows, from $283 billion in outflows in the previous quarter.... Money market funds had net outflows of $638 billion in 2009, compared to net inflows of $891 billion in 2008.... Money market fund assets dropped 4.4 percent to $5.3 trillion in the fourth quarter." ICI's tables show the U.S. with 66.2% ($3.832 trillion) of the worldwide market, followed by Ireland (12.4%, or $720.5 billion; note that Ireland doesn't break out money fund assets but the vast majority of the country's assets are money funds), France (11.7%, or $693.2 billion), Luxembourg (8.0%, or $461.5 billion), Australia (4.5%, or $236.7 billion), Italy (1.5%, or $80.9 billion), Korea (1.2%, or $62.2 billion), and Canada (1.0%, or $51.7 billion). (Crane Data tracks "offshore" money market funds in our Money Fund Intelligence International product.) In other news, see WSJ's "Bond, Money-Market Funds Draw Cash" and BusinessWire's "Fitch: Money Market Funds May Access Federal Reserve Repo Facility".

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