Moody's says "Bond Fund Inflows Benefiting from Shift out of Money Market Funds" in its new "Bond Funds: 2009 Review and 2010 Outlook". The ratings agency says, "The bond fund industry suffered peak outflows in the final quarter of 2008 but started to regain momentum during the first half of 2009.... Moody's new "Bond Funds: 2009 Review and 2010 Outlook" report says that, as investor risk aversion has eased in recent months, the markets have again been supplied with liquidity and demand for bond funds has risen. As a result, investors have been shifting money out of money market funds into bond funds." Moody's also recently assigned a Aaa/MR1+ fund rating to HSBC Corporate Money Funds Ltd. -- Canadian Dollar Fund. In other news, money fund portal technology provider Cachematrix announced that "more than $3 trillion in institutional money market fund assets have been traded through its software and customized trading systems." Founder and CEO George Hagerman says, "We are in exciting times as more and more financial institutions look to restructure and modernize their investment operations. As institutions move to address these technology needs and subsequently recognize the revenue producing power money market portals are capable of providing we expect and look forward to continued growth."

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