A press release entitled, "BNY Mellon and GTreasury Collaborate to Help Clients Manage and Invest Cash," tells us, "BNY Mellon ... announced a new venture that will enable clients to access the market-leading cash management and payment capabilities of treasury management services provider GTreasury. Under the new collaboration, BNY Mellon clients will have the opportunity to achieve greater visibility into their cash balances and more efficient utilization of these assets. With the enhanced transparency provided by GTreasury's treasury and risk management platform, clients will be able to better identify where balances are located across bank accounts, regions and time zones and then deploy the assets to productive ends." It tells us, "Through a seamless integration with BNY Mellon's LiquidityDirect platform -- one of the world's largest digital portals for investing in money market funds -- those balances can be put to work in a range of cash equivalent vehicles, providing opportunities for clients to earn incremental income as they manage liquidity across short-term investments or determine the best long-term use for their funds. Due to the unprecedented degree of integration that the two firms have been able to achieve, BNY Mellon clients will be able to sweep cash into funds available on LiquidityDirect without leaving the GTreasury environment. Furthermore, treasurers already familiar with the GTreasury ecosystem will not be required to make any changes to their existing infrastructure to take advantage of this new functionality, and the new investment capabilities will be provided to eligible clients at no additional cost." George Maganas, Head of Liquidity Services at BNY Mellon, comments, "We are thrilled to be able to offer clients integrated access to LiquidityDirect through GTreasury's digital treasury management tools, enabling them to streamline their cash management workflow and allocate balances with maximum efficiency.... Connecting those capabilities with LiquidityDirect is a natural fit, as it will enable clients to operate within one ecosystem to manage both their cash and payments while interacting with their global digital liquidity network for short-term investments via BNY Mellon." GTreasury's Terry Beadle adds, "Integrating the GTreasury and LiquidityDirect platforms is a big win for BNY Mellon clients.... The GTreasury ecosystem is purpose-built to seamlessly connect into investment portals like LiquidityDirect. The result is an efficient, immediate, and transparent workflow for maximizing the return of cash on hand. We look forward to seeing all that BNY Mellon clients will be able to accomplish via this new partnership."

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