Next Thursday, May 21, Crane Data will host its first ever Webinar event, "Crane's Money Fund Update & Training," at 3:00pm (Eastern). (To register, go here: Our Peter Crane will give a 30 minute update on recent events and trends involving money market mutual funds, and will weigh in on asset flows, yield trends and more. Crane will also spend 15 minutes taking questions and giving a brief tutorial on our Money Fund Intelligence Daily product. (E-mail Pete if you'd like to send in questions or requests beforehand.) Please bear with us as we ramp up our virtual event capabilities over the next couple of months, and mark your calendars for our second event on June 25 at 3pm. Note that the New England Association of Financial Professionals will also be hosting a webinar on May 21 at 12pm (noon) Eastern, entitled, "State of the Liquidity Markets, featuring William Goldthwait of State Street Global Advisors. Finally, we still remain hopeful that travel will resume later this summer and that we'll be able to host our annual Money Fund Symposium and European Money Fund Symposium. Crane's Money Fund Symposium is scheduled for August 24-26, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis. We'll continue to monitor events carefully in coming weeks, and we'll be prepared to move, to cancel, and/or to webcast if our client base deems it unsafe. Meanwhile, we'll be preparing for the show and taking steps to spread out and make the event safer. (Note: We'll offer full refunds or credits for any cancellations.) Our next European Money Fund Symposium is now scheduled for Nov. 19-20, 2020 in Paris, France. Also, mark your calendars for next year's Money Fund University, which is scheduled for Jan. 21-22, 2021, in Pittsburgh, Pa, and our next Bond Fund Symposium, which is scheduled for March 25-26, 2021 in Newport Beach, Calif. Watch for details in coming months, and we'll keep you posted on our upcoming virtual, and live, events.

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