A press release entitled, "Gabelli U.S. Treasury Money Market Fund Exceeds $3 Billion In AUM," tells us, "Gabelli Funds, LLC is pleased to announce that the Gabelli U.S. Treasury Money Market Fund (GABXX) exceeded $3 billion in assets under management on April 9, 2020. This achievement marks a significant new milestone in reinforcing the Fund's reputation in the money market space as it continues to grow while providing shareholders with outstanding tax advantaged returns. The Gabelli U.S. Treasury Money Market Fund is among the most attractive money market funds in its class. The quality of U.S. Treasury securities coupled with total expenses capped at 0.08% and the exemption from state and local income taxes of its dividends, translates into an effective after-tax yield competitive with any fund in the industry." It adds, "The Gabelli U.S. Treasury Money Market Fund is a money market mutual fund managed by Gabelli Funds, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of GAMCO Investors, Inc. (GBL). The Fund invests exclusively in U.S. Treasury securities and its primary objective is high current income consistent with the preservation of principal and liquidity."

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