Reuters writes "Cash can beat stocks in returns and happiness." The article says, "How bad was 2018 for investors? They pulled a record amount of money from stock and bond funds late in 2018 and tucked it into safe havens such as CDs, money market funds or U.S. Treasuries that mature in a year or less. If history is any indication, investors worried about bad times recover faster if they stay the course in a typical diversified portfolio.... Nevertheless, people often find it more comfortable to increase their cash during uncertain times. Even when the markets are not going through major gyrations, research shows cash has a powerful soothing effect on people." The Reuters piece adds, "Sonja Lyubomirsky, a happiness researcher and psychology professor at the University of California Riverside, along with Joe Gladstone, of University College London, surveyed British bank customers in 2016 and found that being able to see cash sitting in accounts and easily accessible gave people a feeling of comfort."

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