A Prospectus Supplement for AB Government Exchange Reserves, Class A, Class B, Class C, Class R, Class K, Class I and Advisor Class shares, and the "Prospectus for AB Government Reserves Portfolio says, "On August 2, 2017, the Board of Directors of AB Bond Fund, Inc. (the "Company") and the Board of Trustees of Exchange Reserves approved the acquisition of the respective assets and assumption of the respective liabilities of each of Government Reserves, a series of the Company, and Exchange Reserves (each, an "Acquired Fund" and together, the "Acquired Funds") by AB Government Money Market Portfolio (the "Acquiring Fund", and together with the Acquired Funds, the "Funds"), a series of AB Fixed-Income Shares, Inc. The Funds pursue identical investment objectives and strategies. At the time of the acquisitions, all of the Acquired Funds' assets and liabilities will be transferred to the Acquiring Fund, and shareholders of the Acquired Funds will receive shares of the same class of the Acquiring Fund, except that Class R shareholders of Exchange Reserves will receive Class I shares of the Acquiring Fund, in exchange for their shares of the Acquired Funds. The Acquired Funds will distribute to shareholders information about the Acquired Funds' acquisitions. The acquisitions do not require approval of either the Acquired Funds' or the Acquiring Fund's shareholders. The acquisitions are expected to occur on or about November 10, 2017." Look for these changes on the pending December issue of our Money Fund Intelligence and MFI XLS.

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