A press release says, "Institutional Cash Distributors (ICD) today announced the release of Transparency Plus 5.0 that provides significant functional and tactical advancements for corporate treasury department risk management practices and methodologies. With the 5.0 release, ICD generates exposure analytics that now cut across counterparties, U.S. government and corporate Repo Agreements, and their respective sponsor positions, providing deeper institutional investment intelligence for the corporate treasury sector. ICD introduced the first risk management exposure analytics application for institutional cash investments in 2010 soon after the SEC's 2a-7 amendments required monthly disclosure and greater transparency of fund holdings." ICD Senior VP Sebastian Ramos comments, "All Repurchase Agreements are not the same and we needed a mechanism to parse traditional and nontraditional Repos. We also needed to break down nontraditional Repo into aggregate counterparty exposures to better understand the relative concentrations within these counterparties." ICD's Tom Knight adds, "From the beginning we've always identified Repurchase Agreements as having unique and distinct counterparty exposure impact. With our 5.0 release, we’ve now given corporate treasurers the tools to truly understand their Repo exposures within the context of their full portfolio." Finally, America Honda Motor Company, Inc. Treasury Manager Kim Kelly-Lippert comments, "I have worked with ICD for several years and this is another excellent example of the inclusive process ICD employs in making product advancements. We wanted enhanced reporting and needed a more in-depth understanding of our Repo exposure. ICD took that input, productized new features and incorporated them into their next release."

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