A press release entitled, "BNY Mellon Capital Markets Launches Securities DIRECT Electronic Portal," and subtitled, "Investment portal gives clients access to broad range of debt products, provides extensive trading control and reporting features," says, "BNY Mellon, the global leader in investment management and investment services, today announced the launch of Securities Direct, an online portal offering a broad range of debt products to institutional investors. Securities DIRECT is being provided by BNY Mellon Capital Markets, LLC, an SEC registered broker-dealer that operates as part of BNY Mellon Global Markets. Leveraging the strength and breadth of BNY Mellon Capital Market's fixed income trading desks and demonstrating BNY Mellon's commitment to technological innovation, Securities DIRECT has been designed to provide easy and efficient access for institutional investors to treasury bills, agency securities, corporate bonds, commercial paper and other debt securities. Products currently available include U.S. Treasuries (T-bills and short maturity notes), commercial paper and certificates of deposit. Short corporates and agencies will be added during the fourth quarter, and future releases will include longer term maturities, municipal bonds and other asset classes. Securities DIRECT will provide authorized users with a number of client-focused features and functionalities. Information will be provided on current yields for different fixed income asset types. Users will be able to export data and search by asset class, rating, maturity and other parameters. "Click and buy" ticketing will be available, and the portal's robust on-line reporting will include order status and trade history reporting.... In keeping with BNY Mellon's strategic commitment to enterprise-wide platform integration, Securities DIRECT will provide efficient access for authorized users to BNY Mellon's custody, treasury services and liquidity management platforms, delivering significant straight-through processing benefits in terms of both efficiency and reliability." Gary Strumeyer, president of BNY Mellon Capital Markets, says, "Securities DIRECT allows us to provide clients with the speed, convenience and efficiency of electronic trading, and delivers those client benefits in a fully integrated fashion alongside BNY Mellon's other service delivery platforms. In that respect, it mirrors our strategic commitment to providing broker-dealer services that add value to client relationships across the entire BNY Mellon enterprise."

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