The European Money Fund Summit, a new conference launched by German conference producer IQPC and geared towards European and global providers of money market mutual funds, takes place Monday and Tuesday (Nov. 19-20) in Frankfurt, Germany at the Fleming's Hotel Frankfurt. Crane Data has been assisting IQPC with marketing and the agenda, and our Peter Crane will be co-hosting the event along with Federated Investors' Debbie Cunningham. The conference brochure explains, "The European Money Market Mutual Fund landscape is challenging at the moment to say the least. A shifting regulatory landscape, ultra-low and zero interest rates, and concerns over European banks and credit make managing and marketing money funds more difficult than ever. But opportunities remain in the money markets for the bold. Can money market funds domiciled in Europe and denominated in Europe survive in the current rate and regulatory environment? While all is not lost, the challenges are myriad.... Join us in Frankfurt to learn more about these issues and to discover strategies for investing and positioning products in various European markets." In other news, ICI released its latest "Money Market Mutual Fund Assets." It says, "Total money market mutual fund assets decreased by $2.54 billion to $2.575 trillion for the week ended Wednesday, November 14."

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