Moody's Launched Quarterly Reports on Offshore Money Fund Trends

May 17 12

Moody's Investors Service announced the launch of a new set of "quarterly reports on money market fund trends. The ratings agency says, "The new reports were published today with performance data for Q1 2012, and cover the three sub-segments of money market funds, denominated in US Dollar (USD), Euro and Sterling." The reports are entitled, "Sterling Prime Money Market Funds: Q1 2012 Trends," "Euro Prime Money Market Funds: Q1 2012 Trends," and "US-Dollar Prime Money Market Funds: Q1 2012 Trends." Yaron Ernst, Managing Director of Moody's Managed Investments Group, comments, "Our new quarterly MMF reports track the evolution of the analytical components that drive our ratings of money market funds. These reports were designed to give investors and fund managers a better view of the sector trends, through the analytical metrics that Moody's looks at."

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