BlackRock recently posted a link to video of Barbara Novick's speech from Crane's Money Fund Symposium on "Public Policy, Washington & Money Funds". BlackRock says, "In late June this year around 400 money market industry professionals gathered together at Crane's Money Fund Symposium in Philadelphia. Money market portfolio managers, investors, issuers and service providers met together over three days to attend presentations from key industry figures and debate topical industry issues. Barbara Novick, Vice Chairman, co-founder and head of Government Relations for BlackRock, Inc. presented "Public Policy, Washington & Money Funds" to attendees and reviewed the various options currently under consideration with the SEC and other regulators aimed to strengthen the money market funds industry. Options include moving the industry to a floating NAV, requiring capital and/or NAV buffers for money market funds or redemption fees. This short video is an extract from Ms. Novick's presentation held on June 22, 2011."

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