Website writes "Is MINT Growing Up?", which asks, "Who guessed PIMCO's 'MINT' would gather $1 billion in just over a year? Not me." It says, "It's true, the `PIMCO Enhanced Short Maturity Strategy Fund crossed the $1 billion threshold for the first time this week.... Traders in the ETF space who are enthusiastic that the ETF universe now has a real active, money-market type instrument talk about trusting the Pimco brand.... [I]t's high time for an ETF solution to an age-old need to park assets in a safe place for a reasonable return.... And the data on returns back up the idea that perhaps MINT is actually a better mousetrap than a money market fund or your margin account's cash sweep. For the 35 basis points investors pay PIMCO for MINT, they got an SEC yield of 0.83 percent as of yesterday.... The Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund (VMMXX), to take one example, may cost just 23 basis points, but had an SEC yield of 0.08 percent. At least you're not underwater with MINT, which achieves that advantage with an effective maturity of almost a year, versus an average maturity of 57 days for the Vanguard fund's holdings. Lest I get ahead of myself, VMMXX had $109.2 billion in assets at the end of February.... MINT had $1.18 billion as of yesterday's close."

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