Toronto's Globe and Mail writes "The cream of money market funds". It says, "Although they pay next to nothing these days as a result of low interest rates, money market funds remain a popular parking spot for cash. Here, we zero in on money market funds with high upfront investment requirements. What’s so special about these funds? Extra low fees, and higher than average returns." The article lists the largest funds in a table, which include: RBC Premium Money Market, TD Premium Money Market, and CIBC Canadian T-Bill Premium Class. See also, Bermuda's Royal Gazette, which writes "Bank paid out tens of millions to bail out money market fund". It says, "The Butterfield Money Market Fund (BMMF) consistently performed better than its peers during the mid-2000s under its award-winning managers at Butterfield Asset Management (BAM). At its peak its assets under management ballooned to $8 billion. But over the past two years, it hit problems. The bank has ploughed tens of millions of dollars into the fund in the form of credit agreements to ensure that investors did not lose money. The fallout appears in the company's 2009 audited financial results. The books show that in September last year, Butterfield Bank paid the fund $131.9 million for a type of fund called a Structured Investment Vehicle (SIV), reflecting its nominal value. But its estimated market value was just $52.8 million, the value at which the SIV was booked in its new home, the bank's available for sale portfolio."

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