The Wall Street Journal writes "Foreign Bank Borrowing in Commercial-Paper Market Increases", which says, "Foreign banks are back as major borrowers in the short-term U.S. commercial-paper market, according to Federal Reserve data released Thursday, as investors resumed lending to them after European banks passed stress tests last month." (We're a little baffled by this conclusion after looking at the numbers.) In other news, we just learned about the Commercial Paper Executive Summit, a conference scheduled for Sept. 15-16 at the Hilton New York hosted by iiBig. While we don't expect to make it down to this year's event, the show does appear to attract a decent number of big names in the CP and asset-backed CP space. We also received a brochure in the mail today for IMN's ABS East, a huge asset-backed event which has a decent amount of ABCP content (and money fund investors).

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