DB Advisors' will host a "Liquidity management in 2010 Webcast: Emerging trends and strategies on Thursday, January 21, 2010, at 1pm. The Webcast will feature Joe Benevento, Head of Portfolio Management, Liquidity Management, Americas, and Nagesh Gopal, Product Specialist, Institutional Liquidity Management. The description says, "In the coming year, several forces promise to shape the evolution of liquidity management strategies and new product offerings. Early in the year, the SEC is expected to comment on new money market regulations. Also, the Federal Reserve is likely to rein in the unprecedented amount of liquidity that has been injected into the economy, a move which could drive short-term interest rates higher. Please join us for a timely discussion about how these trends will influence how companies can most effectively manage their liquidity needs in 2010." See also, New York Times Blog, "Why the Best Deposit Rates Are Decreasing".

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