Moody's rates BGI Sterling Government Liquidity Fund Aaa/MR1+. The release says, "Moody's Investors Service announced today that it has assigned a money market fund credit rating of Aaa/MR1+ to Barclays Global Investors Sterling Government Liquidity Fund (the Fund)." Moody's also withdrew the ratings of twelve Vontobel Management SICAV funds. Also, see Reuters news brief "US money market funds post $4.4 bln inflows in week," which cites iMoneyNet's weekly Money Fund Report and says, "Taxable money market fund assets rose by $6.37 billion as taxable government institutional funds added $20.32 billion, offset by $14.37 billion in outflows from taxable retail funds.... Tax-free fund assets fell by $1.96 billion." The story adds, "Taxable yields rose by 9 basis points to 1.54 percent, while tax-free yields fell by 73 basis points to 1.81 percent."

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