The Orange County Register discusses the status of Whistlejacket SIV, which OC invested in. County Treasurer Chriss Street told the paper, "I still think the county will get all its money back," though some outside commenters were skeptical. It also mentioned Northern Trust, saying it "pledged $229 million to ensure that investors in eight money market funds don't lose a penny on Whistlejacket."

Also, in SIV news: "Moody's may cut rating on $19 bln Dresdner vehicle" by Reuters. "Moody's raised the pressure on Wednesday for Dresdner Bank to sort out the support it has promised for its $19 billion structured investment vehicle K2, by threatening to cut K2's ratings," says the article. It adds, "Deloitte & Touche are acting as receivers for other SIVs that have hit trouble, including Cheyne Finance, Rhinebridge and Standard Chartered's Whistlejacket."

Finally, see Reuters' "Court Rules on Payout of Whistlejacket Creditors".

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