Today, Clearwater Analytics announced the availability of the its new Money Fund Transparency platform, which "provides risk analytics, holdings and performance metrics online in a standardized format" and "provides detailed qualitative information on the fund, the manager, and the organization as a whole." When the program goes live in early August, information will be available on Clearwater's website, on several money fund portals, and on participating fund manager's websites, says the company.

The press release says, "While money market funds do provide information on their holdings, the information is not made available in a standardized format and it is difficult and time consuming to evaluate. Clearwater's Money Fund Transparency platform presents risk analytics, holdings and returns in an easily accessible, legible, and consistent format permitting efficient fund analysis, comparison, and selection. The risk analytics include exposure to issuers, sectors, asset classes, credit ratings, duration and other critical measures."

"[I]t is difficult to collect and compare risk and return information in an efficient manner," says Tim Muindi, assistant treasurer of VeriSign. "A fund that participates in this initiative is addressing an important need and is sending a strong signal about their confidence in the fund's holdings and risk profile, which in turn provides me with an enhanced level of understanding and confidence in my investment decision."

Antoine Hamelin, treasury manager at eBay, adds, "Clearwater's platform will change the way in which Money Funds share and publish their information. The platform consolidates the information and research I need into one comprehensive view so that I can make informed decisions."

Invesco Aim becomes the second company, following Deutsche's DB Advisors, to sign on with Clearwater. EVP Bill Hoppe says, "The ability to better communicate and provide customers with essential investment information is central to our success. The introduction of Clearwater's Money Fund Transparency platform provides a dynamic channel to publish meaningful, timely, and comprehensive fund analytics and holding information on our funds to the investing public."

Clearwater will host a series of Money Fund Transparency Webinars to demo the new reports on July 24, 28 and 29 at 2:00 pm EDT.

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