The July issue of Crane Data's monthly Money Fund Intelligence newsletter is out and the XLS version is now available for download on the website. This month's MFI feature articles include: "Blow to NRSROs; MFs Brace for 2a-7 Change," which discusses the proposed regulatory changes to money funds; "Safety in the West: TCW Money Market Fund," an interview with TCW portfolio manager Barr Segal; and, "Cachematrix Discusses Portal Technology."

MFI also contains a brief on whether "A Rule 2a-7 for Europe?" is likely, with comments from Institutional Money Market Funds Association Secretary General Nathan Douglas on the status of standardization and definition of the term "money market fund" in Europe.

Every issue of Money Fund Intelligence features extensive performance statistics on over 1,300 money funds, including 7-day and 30-day yields, 1-month, 3-mo, YTD, 1-year, 3-yr, 5-yr and 10-year returns, assets, expense ratios, average maturities, and more. We list rankings for 7-day yields and 1-year returns, and include a number of top-performing and largest fund tables.

The publication also features our Crane Money Fund Indexes, as well as comprehensive news coverage of practically all the news impacting money market mutual funds. Call 508-439-4419 or write Pete ( to see a sample issue.

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