Lots of Treasury and Govt MMFs Among Largest Asset Gainers in 2007. Crane Data's latest Money Fund Intelligence Distribution Survey, a quarterly publication that looks at money fund family market share and sales trends, features a table of the 25 money funds with the largest dollar increases for 2007. Ten of the 25 were Prime funds, 8 were Treasury and 7 were Government or Federal funds. The Biggest Money Fund Asset Gainers in 2007 were: 1. Fidelity Cash Reserves (FDRXX), which grew $22.8 billion, or 26%, to $111.1 billion; 2. Vanguard Prime MMF (VMMXX), which grew $19.7 bil., or 28%, to $90.1 bil.; 3. Goldman Sachs FS Prm Ob Ins (FPOXX), which grew $18.0 bil., or 99%, to $36.2; 4. Reserve Primary Instit (RPFXX), which grew $17.1 bil., or 124%, to $30.9 bil.; 5. Fidelity Instit MM: Treas Port I (FISXX), which grew $14.2 bil., or 252%, to $19.8 bil.; 6. Dreyfus Treas Cash Mgmt Inst (DTRXX), which grew $13.2 bil., or 390%, to $16.6 bil.; 7. Columbia Treasury Reserves Cap (CPLXX), which grew $11.0 bil., or 394%, to $13.8; 8. Wells Fargo Adv Govt MM Inst (GVIXX), which grew $11.0 bil., or 147%, to $18.5 bil.; 9. Federated Government ObI IS (GOIXX), which grew $10.5 bil., or 135%, to $18.2 bil.; and, 10. Goldman Sachs FS Treasury Ob Inst (FTOXX), which grew $9.8 bil., or 527%, to $11.6 bil.

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