Money Market Fund Assets Break $2.8 Trillion as Record Run Continues. The Investment Company Institute reports that money market mutual fund assets rose by $39.12 billion in the week ended Sept. 5 to a record $2.802 trillion. Retail money funds decreased by $5.27 billion to $1.083 trillion, while institutional money funds increased by $44.39 billion to a record $1.719 trillion. Money market mutual fund assets have increased by $576 billion, or 25.9%, over the past 52 weeks, and have increased by $419.9 billion, or 17.6%, year-to-date. Since June 27, money fund assets have increased by $266 billion, or 10.5%. To date, investors haven't shown concern over exaggerated and erroneous reports about subprime debt in money market funds and over liquidity issues in some isolated sectors of the asset-backed commercial paper market.

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