FinancialWeek: Super-Premium Shares "Big Drop in Money-Market Fees". Following up on Crane Data's July Money Fund Intelligence article "How Low Can Money Fund Expenses Go?", this week's Financial Week writes on the "Big drop in money-market fees". "With corporate finance execs and institutional asset managers shopping around for the best deals on money-market funds, expense ratios are falling to new lows. And a new segment of money-market funds is cropping up as a result, catering to the so-called super-premium end of the market". The article quotes Peter Crane, "As investors use more money funds and become more yield sensitive, the money is getting hotter. And that money moving around is causing a lot of companies that heretofore could bank on their good name or credit quality to ask 'Can we afford to have 20 basis points as our lowest-cost institutional money fund?'." It mentions the recent introduction of Wells Fargo Advantage Cash Inv MM Select and new filings for UBS and State Street funds.

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