Futures Industry Association Discusses "Managing Cash and Collateral". The Futures Industry Association (FIA) hosted a recent conference, OpTech 2007, featuring a panel on "Managing Cash and Collateral". It involved several major participants in the world of money market funds and collateral held by Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs). Since 2001, money market funds have been permissible investments for FCM collateral under the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's Rule 1.25. Brown Brothers Harriman's ComSet Plus platform, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and others sponsored the event, and "Cash" panel speakers included Maureen Burke from Merrill Lynch, Michael Kobida from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange's IEF2 Money Funds Program, Arthur McCoy from NYMEX, Ken Nehlson from Fimat, and Frank Perrone from BBH. A recording of the session is available here.

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