CP, Repo, and Corporate Notes Among Most Popular Money Fund Holdings. At year end 2006, the "Asset Composition of Taxable Money Market Mutual Funds" was as follows: commercial paper (31.2%); repurchase agreements (20.3%); corporate notes (17.0%); certificates of deposit (10.0%); U.S. government agency issues (6.8%); Eurodollar CDs (4.3%); U.S. Treasury bills/securities (4.3%); bank notes (1.9%); cash reserves (0.3%); and other assets (3.9%). This according to the recently-released "2007 Investment Company Fact Book". The data tables show 5% jumps in both repo holdings and CP, and a 3% increase in corporate notes over the past two years. These increases came primarily at the expense of government agency holdings, which plunged from 17.2% at year end 2004 to 6.8%.

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