The July issue of Crane Data's Money Fund Intelligence was e-mailed to subscribers Monday morning, along with our June 30, 2012 monthly performance data and rankings, our Money Fund Intelligence XLS monthly spreadsheet, our Money Fund Wisdom database query website and our Crane Index money fund averages series. (Our monthly Money Fund Portfolio Holdings with 6/30/12 data will be distributed on the 8th business day, July 12.) The new edition of MFI features the articles: "Go Time: SEC Proposals Pending? Fed's Backup," which discusses what and whether money fund reform proposals will be seen soon; "Pittsburgh MFS Excerpts; Donahue Myths Keynote," which excerpts from Federated Investors President & CEO Chris Donahue's recent keynote at our Money Fund Symposium; and, "Worldwide MF Update; Dunn Kelley Going Global," which reviews recent global developments and quotes Invesco's Karen Dunn Kelley's Symposium speech.

Our lead piece says, "Summer vacation can't come soon enough for fund industry participants, regulators and journalists, all of whom have grown weary of the seemingly endless battle over potential money market fund regulatory changes. The fight not only continues, but continues to escalate, as Senators, Fed officials, professors and treasurers all attempt to put their two cents in. Reports say that SEC Commissioners have been given 30 days (starting June 26) to review a 337-page reform proposal that could be released (if it has the votes) late this month, and banking regulators have also stepped up their rhetoric."

In lieu of a fund Profile this month, we excerpt from our recent Money Fund Symposium. Our piece says, "Just over two weeks ago in Pittsburgh, we hosted our 4th annual Crane's Money Fund Symposium. This year's event attracted 420 money fund managers and money market professionals, and featured discussions heavily laden with regulatory, rate and risk content. We excerpt from the keynote address below and from several other sessions elsewhere in this month's MFI. (Note that the recordings and Powerpoints are available to MFI subscribers via our Content center.)

The third feature piece reviews the Investment Company Institute's latest "Worldwide Mutual Fund Assets and Flows", which Crane Data uses to tabulate a ranking of worldwide money market fund markets. We also review Friday's story about Euro money funds closing temporarily due to rates being cut to zero. (See our "Link of the Day".) Finally, we quote from Invesco's Karen Dunn Kelley, who presented at our Symposium on "Going Global: Money Funds Worldwide."

The July MFI also contains monthly News, Indexes, top rankings and extensive performance tables. E-mail to request the latest issue. Subscriptions to Money Fund Intelligence are $500 a year and include web access to archived issues and fund "profiles". Additional users are $250 and bulk pricing and "site licenses" are available. Crane Data's other products include: Money Fund Intelligence XLS ($1K/yr), MFI Daily ($2K/yr), Money Fund Wisdom ($4K/yr), MFI International ($2K/yr), and Brokerage Sweep Intelligence ($1K/yr).

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