A recent question on the Association for Financial Professionals' (AFP's) "Treasury & Cash Management Discussion List" asked about the top-yielding Treasury Institutional Money Market Funds ranked by 1-day yield. While we suggest that investors moving to Treasury funds out of fears of "breaking-the-buck" are downright paranoid, there are plenty of legitimate, or tax, reasons to move to Treasury funds. (And of course if the boss tells you to do it, you do it.) Below, we list the current top-performers among our Money Fund Intelligence Daily (which lists only funds over $1 billion) as of Friday (8/15), along with their 1-day (annualized) yield.

Top-Yielding Treasury Institutional Money Funds (32 total). No. 1): Morgan Stanley Inst Liq Treas Inst (MISXX, 2.00%); No. 2): DWS ICT Treasury Port Inst (ICTXX, 1.97%); No. 3 (tie): Columbia Treasury Reserves Cap (CPLXX, 1.96%), Federated Treasury ObIig IS (TOIXX, 1.96%), Fidelity Instit MM: Treas Port I (FISXX, 1.96%), and SSgA US Treasury Money Market (SVTXX, 1.96%); No. 7): Goldman Sachs FS Trs Obl Inst (FTOXX, 1.95%); No. 8 (tie): First American Treas Obligs Z (FUZXX, 1.94%) and JPMorgan US Trs Plus MM Inst (IJTXX, 1.94%); and, No. 10: Wells Fargo Adv Trs Plus In (PISXX, 1.93%).

Top-Yielding Treasury Individual Money Funds (39 total). No. 1): Columbia Treasury Reserves Liquid (NTLXX, 1.81%); No. 2): Columbia Treasury Reserves Adv (NTRXX, 1.71%); No. 3): Federated Treasury Oblig SS (TOSXX, 1.71%); No. 4): Goldman Sachs FS Trs Obl Adm (FGAXX, 1.70%); No. 5 (tie): First American Treas Obligs Y (FOCXX, 1.69%) and JPMorgan US Trs Plus MM Prem (PJTXX, 1.69%); No. 7): BlackRock Lq T-Fund Dollar (TFEXX, 1.67%); No. 8 (tie): BNY Hamilton Treasury MF Prem (BHTXX, 1.67%), Evergreen Institutional Treas IS (EITXX, 1.67%), and Fidelity Instit MM: Treas Port III (FCSXX, 1.67%).

Our Money Fund Intelligence Daily tracks daily dividends, 1-day, 7-day, and 30-day yields, assets and AM (average maturities). Its fund list was recently expanded to over 400 funds representing over $3.0 trillion of the $3.5 trillion in money fund assets. MFI Daily includes daily news and commentary on yield and asset trends, plus daily Crane Indexes on yields and assets.

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