Crane 100 Money Fund Index Continues March Downward in November. Crane Data's flagship benchmark Crane 100 Money Fund Index, an average 7-day yield (simple) of the 100 largest taxable money market mutual funds, declined by 23 basis points in November, from 4.79% on Oct. 31 to 4.56% Nov. 30. The daily index (available on Bloomberg, symbol 'CRNI100D') has continued drifting lower in December. It was 4.54% as of Dec. 4. The Crane 100 had been at 5.00% as of July 31, 2007, prior to the credit crisis, rose to 5.04% as of Aug. 31, then fell to 4.95% as of Sept. 30. Money market mutual fund yields should continue their downward trend once, if as expected, the Federal Reserve lowers its Fed funds target rate from its current 4.5% level on Tuesday. E-mail Pete for a copy of our Crane Index product, which includes a number of additional cash benchmarks, or for a list of funds that make up the Crane 100.

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