Top-Performing MM Funds Ranked by 1-Year Returns Through 8/31/07. Today, we list the top-performing money funds tracked by Crane Data and ranked in Money Fund Intelligence XLS) by 1-year total return as of 8/31/07. The No. 1 Prime Institutional Money Fund is Janus Institutional Cash Mgmt with a return of 5.45%. JCAXX also holds the current No. 1-ranked 7-day yield spot (see table above). The top-performing fund in our Prime Individual category is Fidelity Inst MM: MM Port II (FCIXX) with a return of 5.30%. Alpine Municipal MMF Y ranks No. 1 among Tax-Free Individual funds with a 3.63% return, while Lehman Bros Nat Muni MF Res (LBMXX) ranked first among Tax-Free Institutional with a 3.68% return through Aug. 31. No. 1 Institutional Treasury funds included Barclays Treasury Inst and MS Inst Liq Treas (both 5.28%), and the No. 1 Institutional Government was Janus Inst Govt MM (5.36%). The top Government Individual fund was Vanguard Federal MMF (5.17%) and the top Treasury Individual fund was First American Treas Oblig Inv (5.02%).

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