News Preview from Money Fund Intelligence's September Issue. The September issue of Crane Data's Money Fund Intelligence is now available. Articles include "Sole Survivors: Money Funds Remain at $1.00", "Fortune Favors the Bold: Managers Buying ABCP", and "Collateral Damage: Will Bankerage Get Blasted"? The issue says, "We believe the worst of the Money Market Panic of '07 is over". One manager is quoted on the ABCP market, "I think there are people looking for some opportunities, and as the market stabilizes people get more confident". For the month ended August 31, our broadest money fund benchmark, the Crane Money Fund Average, returned 0.40% (1-mo), 1.21% (3-mo), 3.25% (YTD), 4.94% (1-yr), 3.70% (3-yr), 2.52% (5-yr) and 3.50% (10-yr). For monthly in-depth news, performance statistics, and the Crane Money Fund Indexes, subscribe to Money Fund Intelligence!

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