Press Releases Archives: March, 2007

Investment News writes that "Market Fears May Lure Investors to Money Funds" in its latest issue. The piece cites market and mortgage turmoil, and attractive yields, as factors likely to drive money fund inflows to record levels in 2007. "The elements are all there for huge pools of assets to move into money funds at this point," says Crane Data's Peter Crane in the piece, which also contains 10 years worth of money fund assets (ICI) and return averages (our Crane 100 Money Fund Index).

Financial Week writes "No End in Sight for Money Fund Growth" and lists several "Top 10" rankings tables from Crane Data's Money Fund Intelligence.

MarketWatch's Chuck Jaffe interviews Crane Data's Pete Crane on money market mutual funds Friday. "Pick big, high yield money-market funds" says the MarketWatch brief, which offers the full radio interview from Jaffe's new Your Money program. Other topics include whether a "wall of cash" will support stocks, money funds vs. inflation, and the new Calamos Government Money Fund.