Press Releases Archives: May, 2012

Crane Data released a "beta" version of its latest product enhancement, the Money Fund Portfolio Laboratory this week. Designed as an online complement to our Money Fund Portfolio Holdings dataset, the Portfolio Laboratory allows subscribers to our Money Fund Wisdom service to build custom aggregate money fund portfolios and to "X-ray" and analyze the underlying holdings by country, issuer, maturity and category. Choose "Laboratory Beta" underneath our "Wisdom" menu to explore this new feature, or e-mail Pete for demo access or more details. In other news, ICI's latest "Money Market Mutual Fund Assets" says, "Total money market mutual fund assets decreased by $14.78 billion to $2.567 trillion for the week ended Wednesday, May 2, the Investment Company Institute reported today. Taxable government funds decreased by $3.51 billion, taxable non-government funds decreased by $12.39 billion, and tax-exempt funds increased by $1.12 billion."