"Money Funds May Hold Subprime Too" Says Wall Street Journal. Thursday's WSJ article names names, saying that Evergreen Institutional Money Market Fund held recently-extended Broadhollow Funding LLC debt earlier this year, according to SEC filings. The Journal also incorrectly mentions Putnam Premier Income Trust, but this is a bond fund and not a money market fund. (Putnam says they've never held Broadhollow in their money funds.) The Journal says money fund managers will likely "pay closer attention to what is backing the commercial paper they buy, demand additional compensation for investing in a particular type pf vehicle that issues some asset-backed commercial paper and call for greater transparency in the market". The article quotes several fund managers, including Schwab's Linda Klingman, Advantus' Jon Thompson, and William Blair's Jim Kaplan. The subprime problem "isn't likely to cause big losses at these funds or endanger them" adds the piece.

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